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Press Release

September 24, 2014

From Weather Hackers to Undiscovered Monsters, The Weather Channel Shows How Weather Shapes Everything, Greenlighting Two New Series, “BrainStormers” and “How Weather Created a Monster”

Network Also Orders A Second Season of Hit Series “Tornado Alley”

Weather affects everything. Sure, it can wreak havoc on our daily plans, but it also shapes the world around us in surprising ways.

The Weather Channel(R) has greenlit two new series that will highlight just how broad weather’s impact on the world around us can be. “BrainStormers” features three weather hackers who seek to help people solve their weather-related challenges or solve their problems by leveraging the weather itself. “How Weather Created A Monster” goes on the hunt for exotic, often mythical creatures in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, and shows how weather conditions have shaped them – or even allowed for their very existence.

“There are so many amazing ways that weather shapes our lives,” said David Clark, president of The Weather Channel network. “With these two new series, The Weather Channel delves far beyond the usual weather stories to show just how pervasive weather’s impact is.”

In addition to these two premiere titles, The Weather Channel has also greenlit a second season of its hit series “Tornado Alley,” which was the network’s third highest performing series of all time.

Series Descriptions:

“BrainStormers” (working title) – new series premieres in March 2015
“BrainStormers” follows three Colorado-based backyard geniuses – a father, son and his friend – who are on a quest to build and test inventions that fight bad weather and harness its power for everyday use – and do it on a budget. From their homegrown workshop, these lovable rascals tackle weather issues from across the country, sometimes starting from scratch and sometimes helping other backyard inventors improve their projects. Every build is filled with challenges, from a creating a homemade mosquito trap or solar water heater to fixing a nearby town’s wind generator, and the road to success is filled with setbacks, revelations and a lot of fun.

Featuring 8x 60-minute episodes, “BrainStormers” is produced by Outpost Entertainment, a joint venture between veteran producer Jodi Flynn (formerly of Screaming Flea) and Leftfield Entertainment (“Pawn Stars,” “American Restoration”), and by Crybaby Media.

The Weather Channel is also looking to help viewers solve their own weather problems through this new series. Viewers interested in getting involved can email brainstormerscasting@weather.com and share their challenge. The BrainStormers may just come to the rescue and feature their story in the series.

“How Weather Created A Monster” (working title) – new series premieres in Q4 2015
Cave-dwelling crocodiles, bat-killing centipedes, underground elephants and more…In the most remote stretches of our world – and yes, even here in the U.S. – thousands of unidentified creatures live untapped. For centuries they’ve remained hidden from sight and buried in local legend, but that’s all about to change. In “How Weather Created A Monster,” adventurer and explorer Sean Duggan journeys to far corners no human has ever dared venture. His mission: unearth the mysterious and mythical creatures lurking at the edges of civilization, and investigate how weather came to shape both wild claims and wild beasts alike.

“How Weather Created A Monster” is produced by Karga Seven Pictures (“Tornado Alley,” “Futurescape,” “Alien Encounters”) and will feature 8x 60-minute episodes.

“Tornado Alley” – second season premieres in Q2 2015
The Weather Channel has also greenlit a second season of its popular series “Tornado Alley,” which first premiered in April 2014. Each year, more than 2,000 tornadoes occur worldwide, with an average of more than 1,000 tornadoes hitting the United States. Ripping homes from their foundation in a split second or obliterating towns in the blink of an eye, these twisters are as unpredictable as they are dangerous. Over the course of this series, “Tornado Alley” will explore deadly tornadoes from every angle, through the eyes of both experts and survivors. Using cutting-edge CGI, the show destroys cities, tells white-knuckle survival stories, and features user-generated content to show just how devastating tornadoes can be.

“Tornado Alley” is produced by Karga Seven Pictures (“Futurescape,” “Alien Encounters”), who is also producing “How Weather Created A Monster” for Weather. The second season of “Tornado Alley” will feature 12x 60-minute episodes.

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