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Press Release

August 25, 2014

Do You Have What It Takes to Survive Mother Nature’s Worst? Find Out During “Survival Week” on The Weather Channel

Themed Programming Tests Viewers’ Survival Savvy  
Sunday, Aug. 31 - Saturday, Sept. 6 on The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel knows “It’s Amazing Out There,” and sometimes it’s amazing what people experience when Mother Nature pushes them to their absolute limits. This year’s headlines have been filled with disastrous weather situations. From escaping severe flooding to wildfires, deadly rip currents and more, The Weather Channel will showcase stories of people braving the worst weather imaginable and show how to come out the other side alive.

Live programming will include segments featuring amazing survival stories each day. Primetime programming will include episodes of new survival-themed series “Fat Guys in the Woods” and “So You Think You’d Survive?” (formerly “Now What?”), along with “Hurricane 360” and “Weather Caught on Camera.”

Airing Sunday, Aug. 31 – Saturday, Sept. 6 on The Weather Channel, “Survival Week” kicks off the annual National Preparedness Month in September. The "Survival Week" schedule includes (series descriptions provided further below):

  • “Wake Up with Al” (weekdays 5:30-7:00 a.m. ET) – survival-themed segments throughout the week
  • “AMHQ with Sam Champion” (weekdays 7:00-10:00 a.m. ET)  – survival-themed segments throughout the week
  • “So You Think You’d Survive?” – episodes throughout the week in primetime
  • “Fat Guys in the Woods” – episodes throughout the week in primetime
  • “Hurricane 360” – episodes throughout the week in primetime
  • “Tornado Alley” – episodes throughout the week in primetime
  • “Weather Caught on Camera” – episodes throughout the week in primetime

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“So You Think You’d Survive?” (Formerly “Now What?”)
“So You Think You’d Survive?” tackles weather-related emergencies and explores the choices people make when Mother Nature wreaks havoc on them. What should you do when your car is overtaken by flood waters? What do you do when you realize you’re in a tornado’s path? The series explores these sometimes life-and-death situations and offers survival solutions to even the worst-case scenarios. “Now What?” is executive produced by Phil Gurin (“Shark Tank”).

“Fat Guys in the Woods”
Off the Couch and Into the Weather
In every episode, survival expert Creek Stewart brings three Average Joes out to the woods to survive for a week with only one objective: to teach them the skills that make a man, a man. For guys who are used to every modern convenience at their fingertips, this proves to be a huge wakeup call. They learn to navigate the woods with little or no mass-made camping tools, all while battling frigid and unpredictable weather. From searching for a water source and building insulated shelters made with pine needles and moss, to catching a meal with their bare hands or foraging for the few foods left unscathed by Mother Nature's frigid touch, these guys learn skills they’d never thought they need, and many come away inspired to make some major life changes.
For more information: stories.weather.com/fat-guys-in-the-woods

“Hurricane 360”
Moments of fear and courage in the face of nature’s wrath – these are the stories of “Hurricane 360,” an all-new eight-part series that takes viewers on an immersive minute-by-minute journey into the eye of the storm. Each episode places you directly in the path of one the biggest hurricanes of the 21st century – from the flooded streets of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, to the ravaged coast of New Jersey in the middle of Superstorm Sandy. As we follow the storm and its aftermath, survivors and rescuers tell their terrifying stories in their own words. Featuring never-before-seen footage shot by the survivors themselves, “Hurricane 360” pieces together blow-by-blow accounts of sacrifice and survival, linking them across a CGI landscape to show what’s happening where during each moment of the disaster. “Hurricane 360” is produced by Flight 33 Productions.

“Tornado Alley”
Each year, more than 2,000 tornadoes occur worldwide, with an average of more than 1,000 tornadoes hitting the United States. Ripping homes from their foundation in a split second, obliterating towns in the blink of an eye, these twisters are as unpredictable as they are dangerous. Over the course of this anthology, “Tornado Alley” will explore deadly tornadoes from every angle, through the eyes of both experts and survivors. Using cutting-edge CGI, the show will destroy cities, tell white-knuckle survival stories, and show in user-generated content just how devastating tornadoes can be. “Tornado Alley” is produced by Karga Seven Pictures (“Futurescape,” “Alien Encounters”).

“Weather Caught on Camera”
“Weather Caught on Camera” features the most intense, dramatic and downright crazy weather ever captured on video.