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Press Release

March 14, 2014

The Weather Channel Praises Georgia House of Representatives for Its Support of Public Safety Programming

Atlanta—March 14, 2014 -- The Weather Channel today praised the Georgia House of Representatives for passing resolution H.R. 1794 on Wednesday March 12, 2014 that cites the public safety benefits of its 24/7 programming.

The resolution, filed by Representatives Stacy Evans, Alisha Morgan, and David Wilkerson, cites the importance of The Weather Channel in disseminating life-saving information during weather emergencies which enables residents to make informed decisions regarding work, travel and recreation plans.

Moreover, the Georgia House recognized The Weather Channel as a valued member of the Georgia business community and wanted to acknowledge their contribution to the safety of the citizens of Georgia.

“We appreciate the Georgia House’s interest in what we at The Weather Channel provide to the community,” said David Kenny, Chairman and CEO of The Weather Company. “As the resolution cites, The Weather Channel constantly invests in the science and technology of forecasting in order to deliver accurate forecasts for our viewers.  We are glad to partner with all leaders in government in our home state to ensure that we deliver the most accurate up to date information at all times.”

Every day nationwide, millions of households rely on The Weather Channel to provide critical and accurate real-time weather-related information. With more than 220 meteorologists, forecasting covers the entire United States from the national and regional level, all the way down to the hyper-local street-level. The Weather Channel also maintains two-way partnership with public and non-profit emergency response organizations, including The American Red Cross, FEMA and NOAA, allowing for a constant flow and disbursement of critical weather-related information when it matters most.

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